Friday, October 2, 2009

World Memory Championships

For many years I have been interested in developing my memory to remember numbers, facts, names and faces and language.

Lately I have become aware of a sporting event with a difference - a Memory Championship. At first I thought this event would be only of interest to geniuses and geeks, but the "sports" utilise the various memory skills I have written about on this blog.

I first heard of these Memory events through the work of Tony Buzan. You can read more on the World Memory Championships web site. Tony has written many books on Memory as well as Mind Maps.

Jennifer Goddard of the Buzan Centre in Australia has prepared a series of 10 videos to provide insight into how a National Memory Championships is run. These 3-4 minute on-line presentations are suitable for people interested in competing in a memory event, volunteers who help adjudicate and journalists and other people interested in how a memory championships is run.
  1. Random Words
  2. Binary Numbers
  3. Names and Faces
  4. 15 Minute Numbers
  5. 10 Minute Cards
  6. Speed Numbers
  7. Abstract Images
  8. Historical Dates
  9. Spoken Numbers
  10. Speed Cards
Watch the videos here.

Memory Championships held in Europe and you can read about these on the Memory Sports web site run by Florian Delle. Florian recently competed in the Swedish Memory championships.

You may think Memory Championships are for the elite memorizers however the "sports" must be a good way to give the brain a workout. I have never competed in such an event but I am going to have a go at practicing Names and Faces and 10 Minute Cards (memorising the sequence of a shuffled deck of cards).

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