Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oddbjørn By - Memory Champion and Author

I learnt about Oddbjørn By from Florian Dellé's Memory Sports web site.  Oddbjørn is from Norway and has been a World Memory champion. He published a book titled Memo which describes his various techniques and how these memory methods can be used in everyday life.

To give you an idea of the scope of the book, here is a condensed table of contents:

  • How your memory works
  • Numerical systems - single, double and triple digits
  • Tips for memorising effectively
  • Memo for general knowledge and in school - speed reading, history, dates, languages, geography, first aid, maths
  • Memo everyday - appointments, weekly agendas, birthdays, anniversaries, speeches, jokes, job interviews and parking the car
  • Names and Face
  • Memory tricks and competitions
  • Other memory methods - story method, link method, acronyms, mnemonic devices
  • Myths about memory
  • Profiles and World Records

The Memo method of remembering weekly schedules is to use a journey of seven steps, maybe rooms in the house. Convert the time into a key image using the number system of your choice and associate this with the room and the subject of your appointment. 

This book has some practical techniques which can be applied to many aspects of your life. I have already learnt a few number systems so I won't be learning more. However I am going to memorise more journeys for memorising birthdays, my schedule and a general 'to do' journey.

1. Read an interview at Memory Sports
2. Visit the website of Oddbjørn By where you can watch videos, order books and learn more.


  1. Nice article. By the way, I have not been world memory champion. I just had a world record (which Günther has taken back now). But nice blog, I'm looking forward follow it

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